Hi, I'm Mary
A designer, developer & traveller


these are the areas I'm most experienced and interested in


on humans. My background in psychology has given me a solid base in hypothesis testing, data collection and statistical analysis using SPSS, Python and R, as well as academic writeups.


of user interfaces across multiple platforms, as well as visual design. I am happy using tools such as Sketch, Adobe, Principle and InVision. I'm also comfortable delving into frontend development, e.g. creating html prototypes.

Business Development

the other half of my bachelors degree was in Management. I'm mostly interested in startups and SMEs, and applying human-centred methods to business growth.


A few highlights from projects I've been involved in...

Sex differences in workplace behaviour

Behavioural Research

Seekall Chatbot Development


Ant's Life


Strathkelvin Kayak Club

Web Development


Photo Manipulation


App Design

Rethinking the Learning Centre

Site Usability


Future City Challenge

Murder Mystery



Print Design


User Testing

Body Music Creation

Movement-controlled interface

My life so far

illustrated in pictures of me jumping off things

  • 1995


    Hello world! I was born.

  • 2013

    Off to uni

    Moved across the country (only about 1.5 hours away) to St Andrews, to begin my independent life. I studied Psychology & Management, kayaked, swam in the North Sea a lot, learned to fix bikes and pay bills.

  • June 2017

    Graduated St Andrews

    A bittersweet time; I was sad to say goodbye but so excited to meet the postgraduate world

  • September 2017

    Started studying at Aalto University, Finland

    First time living abroad! Studying Human-Computer Interaction & Design, meeting fantastic people from all over the world and playing in the snow.

  • September 2018

    Moved to Enschede, The Netherlands

    ...to finish my Masters and learn the Dutch way of living!

  • Who
    knows where

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